Tubeless Tires

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July 1, 2019
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July 2, 2019

Should you run tubes or go tubeless for mountain bike riding?

Here are a few benefits of running a tubeless mountain bike  setup:

A tubeless setup can save you about 100 grams of rotational weight, if you do the math that works out to 600 grams of reduced rotational weight on your bike.

  1. Ride more with tubeless, if you are running a tube and you get a pinch flat or a puncture, you are dead in the water and need to pull your tire off and replace the tube(provided you brought one with you) while your friends stand by and wait.
  2. You can run a lower tire pressure with tubeless. This basically adds more suspension to your bike and makes it easier to keep traction especially when carving through turns and climbing or descending rocky or rooty trail sections.
  3. Helps improve stopping power, the tires grip better so the bike stops faster.

Not sure what to do next? Stop by Coqui Cyclery and talk to Bret or Clint about making the switch. Most current rims and tires support tubeless today so they will probably just need to add some rim tape, install tubeless values, fill you up with some Orange Seal and get you back out on the trails to enjoy a lighter bike with more squish, better braking and the ability to get through technical sections easier.

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