Mountain Bike Lights – No More Wires!!

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August 10, 2019
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February 12, 2020

Are you still running wired lights on your mountain bike? Snaking your helmet light wire down your back to a battery in your jersey or Camelbak. Looping wires around your bars and down to yet another battery mounted to your frame or perhaps in a modified water bottle?

You can pickup two wireless lights (single for your helmet, double for your bars) for just under a couple hundred bucks depending on the models. The batteries last anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours depending on the brightness you choose.

Coqui Cyclery has a great selection of lights available, check out the latest models from Giant or shop other brands like SERFAS (Lifetime Warranty). Stop by our bike shop in Richmond, VA and say goodbye to your wires.

Check out the review below from BikeMag on the Giant Recon Series.

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